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PhotoGallery is simple and easy to use image gallery software that automatically generates image thumbnails

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Souken Group, LLC
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PhotoGallery is simple and easy to use image gallery software that automatically generates image thumbnails. It is written in PHP and uses Smarty for display and GD2 for image manipulation.

It is small and simple, and can be easily integrated into existing Web sites and software. Language files allow users to easily add localized text, which is automatically selected by PhotoGallery on a per-hit basis based on Web browser headers.

What's New in This Release:
PhotoGallery2 no longer uses Smarty for templating. A new system, Souken Templating Engine, has replace it. This resutls in a much smaller distribution and easier set up. STE as bundled with PG2 does not include any documentation. This will be released with STE when it is officialy released in the near future.
Scaling code has been altered to allow for "target dimensions". Images which are scaled (thumbnails and scale views, discussed in a moment) that are over the target dimensions will now allways be the exact specified target dimensions. If you have a 16:9 image and 4:3 thumbnail dimensions, the thumbnail will be in 4:3 instead of 16:9 as in the previous system. If this sounds confusing, images will be CROPPED and scaled to match thumbnail size AND dimensions. You may now specify width and height dimensions seperately.
"Full" views of images are now scaled. You can specify scale dimensions in pg.ini. This keeps images to a uniform maximum size. Clicking on a scaled view image links directly to the image on the server. This allows visitors to see "big" images without breaking your site layout / scrolling. Scaled images shown this way are always saved at 100% quality.
Thumbnails are now saved in file names with target dimensions. Please clear out your thumbnails directory when upgrading to prevent duplicate files. If you have target thumbnail dimensions of 144x108, the thumbnail image for "picture.ext" would be saved as "picture.ext-144x108.jpeg". Note that target dimensions are maximums, and images may actualy be smaller than the specified target dimensions.
There have been some assorted code improvements in PG2 to improve performace and decrease memory usage.
Many features planned have not made it into this release. They are targeted for the next release of PG. If you suggested a feature that has not yet shown up, this may still be on the list.

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