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phpCMS is a content management system, which convinces in particular by small system requirements, high performance and above all its

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phpCMS is a content management system, which convinces in particular by small system requirements, high performance and above all its flexibility.

phpCMS is suitable for small private web pages and also for complex professional appearances and high traffic websites including the integration of webservices and external applications.

Admitted - the flexibility of phpCMS makes the life not always easy for beginners - nevertheless for professionals, who rather want to create an unique website then clicking unflexible template blocks together, phpCMS gives all the freedom a webdesigner needs to support his creativity. This might be a reason, why even several webdesign companies are using phpCMS to create their own company website.

And the best of all is: phpCMS is Open Source (licensed unter the GPL)and is free of any charges available - more cost-efficiently a CMS can not be.

phpCMS is more than just a content management system - it is a mixture of a template engine, a content management system and an application framework.
phpCMS simplifies a lot of tasks for the maintenance of complex web sites with the automatic updating of the sitemap, the central administration of menu entries, or the provision of a comprehensive text search. And it gives you a good basis to separate layout and form from the actual content of your pages, another big simplification in a webmaster's job.

Changes to the layout or of the menu structure have only to be made in one central place and have immediate effect on all web pages. Also the integration of external applications into the layout of your web site is possible - thanks to the possibility of direct integration of PHP scripts, as well as to the Webgrab module (allowing you to integrate almost any application that is addressable via HTTP without depending on the programming language used in that application). Many plug-ins and scripts extend phpCMS by useful functions and features and make the webmaster's task easier.

phpCMS is no "drag and drop" web site toolkit, but it helps even the inexperienced HTML author to quickly create a web site.
Contrary to the so-called portal systems, that very often limit you to compose your web site from prefabricated modules only by clicking on check boxes and options, phpCMS offers a flexible framework in which you can integrate existing applications - but on the other hand that demands a bit more skills.

We rather believe in not to integrate everything into the system (forum, web shop, news system, picture gallery, ..., just name it), but to concentrate our work on the phpCMS core system and to make that so flexible that you can integrate the forum, the picture gallery etc. of your own choice with ease into your phpCMS-powered web site.

We are convinced that it is more sensible to offer to the user the possibility to integrate the application in each area that suites her/him best than to offer a system that can do everything, but binds you to applications of our choice, and might not fulfill the user's needs or expectations.

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