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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: PHPDigikam Team
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PHPDigikam program is a PHP5 script to let others browse your digikam archived photos by album or tag.

I wrote this because digikam's export plugin lacked one important feature: to show all the tags associated with an image and let you browse all photos that have the tag 'People' set for example.

This script has to be run on an apache webserver and will query digikam's SQLite database directly, thumbnails are generated/updated via a bash script.

Here are some key features of "PHPDigikam":
Only export certain albums
Tags that don't belong to any images in the allowed albums will not be shown
Browse photos by tag or album
Easily translatable (German and English provided)
Setup mode for configuration

You need a working apache webserver with PHP 5 installed.

Make sure PHP's safe_mode is disabled and your webserver has write permission in the photos/ directory, otherwise PHP won't be able to write files, and you'll have to do that manually.

PHP 4 will not work, as it cannot open SQLite databases (digikam saves it's database in SQLite format) and it's Object-Syntax is different.
Feel free to adapt this script to PHP 4 though, should be easy, the digikam database could be dumped into a mysql database.

Put the unpacked archive somewhere in your htdocs or public_html folder so apache can find it

Example: /home/thorben/public_html/photos/{files}

Then open this in your webbrowser:

Follow the instructions

Go to http://localhost/~thorben/photos/albumview


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