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DNSAdmin is PHP frontend for creating and editing DNS zone files

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: bjoern
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DNSAdmin is PHP frontend for creating and editing DNS zone files. It can also handle multiple domains.

All data is stored within a MySQL database, and zonefiles and reversefiles are created automatically.

It also has a little feature to inventory your system by capturing username, MAC address, and the location. This frontend supports A, TXT, HINFO, MX records, and CNAMES

Apache Webserver (tested with version 2.0.53)
PHP4 (tested with version 4.3.10 (PHP3 is not working !))
MySQL (tested with version 4.0.18)


If you already have a PHPDNSAdmin installation, skip all further steps and refer RELNOTES.

- First build the hole software with its libraries.

Please refer the HowTo/Manual for each package !

Few hints:
- Extract all sources
- Build Apache with your own options.
- Build PHP with this options :

--with-mysql --with-apxs2=< path to apxs2 >
--with-zlib --with-openssl --with-gdbm --enable-ftp
--with-gd -with-mhash --enable-shared
--enable-memory-limit --enable-sysvshm
--enable-sysvsem --enable-safe-mode

(You only need the options --with-mysql, --with-apxs2 and to get the program work !
As of PHP version 4.3.0 and higher, PEAR Support is automaticily compiled in. You don't need to compile PHP with --with-PEAR option any longer. )

- Install MySql Database

Please look at the contributed documents from Mysql, how to install the server.

- Configure your Apache webserver :

* Add under mod_autoindex section following :
< IfModule mod_php4.c>
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php4
AddType application/x-httpd-php-source .phps
< /IfModule>

To activate the PHP parsing for files ending with .php
With this activation, PHP should work now. No problem.

* Create a mysql database called dnsadmin with :

mysqladmin -u root -p < YOURPASSWORD > create dnsadmin

* After this, you have to create the tables for the database with this command :

mysql -u root -p < YOURPASSWORD > dnsadmin < new_dnsadmin.sql

* If you already have a existing installation, you HAVE TO run the migrate.php script !!

* Modify the config,inc.php file under dnsadmin/includes :

Change $user to the username you want to use, with the created password under $pass.
Most installations uses the root user with no password, so the default values should work.

The most important thing is to change the path of $cachedir, to where your cachefiles are accepted by the DNS server. (I don`t need to say, you must have setup your DNS server first )

- After this, everything should work. You only have to create your zone and a "REVERSE" zone (Otherwise, you won`t have reversefiles :-)) and starting adding your ipaddresses.

Thats it !

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