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Scout Tracker tracks Boy Scout advancements towards their Eagle Scout

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 2205K
Developer: Jazer North
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Scout Tracker tracks Boy Scout advancements towards their Eagle Scout.

Scoutmasters can let the boys know about incomplete requirements without affecting advancement records. Worksheets created for the scouts are stored in a database for easy view and hide access.

Scouts can view the progress of all scouts to enable them to find other scouts who need to work on the same requirement or merit badge. Only leaders and administrators can change data on the site. The best part is that parents and scouts can access their information anytime they want without having to call the Scoutmaster.

Apache (Or webserver that supports File Upload and PHP > 4.4)
PHP > 4.4
MySQL > 12.2 Distrib 4.0

Install Instructions:

1. Unpack tarball (If you see this, you probably already have done that.).
2. Create MySQL database called 'scout_tracker'.
3. Create MySQL user name and password with appropriate rights to scout_tracker.
4. Execute 'config/db_tables.sql' in MySQL (see MySQL help for instructions).
5. Change 'config/db.php' to match the MySQL settings.
6. Change 'config/settings.php' to your desired selections.
7. Change php.ini and httpd.conf (see sys admin for any help) to upload files database. If you do not intend to use the Documents function of the application, you can ignore this step.

8. Point your browser to the URL selected in #6, then use 'admin' with no password to log in. Place your cursor on 'Admin' and click on 'Modify Users'. Add your User with '0' Group and remove 'Admin' user. DO NOT DELETE THE GUEST USERNAME, as this is used for non registered users to access your site with no privileges.

What's New in This Release:
This release adds the date to merit badges on the Merit Badge Listing Page.
ADODB has been removed from PHP.
This release uses the MySQL functions built into PHP.
Menu items have been moved to more logical locations.
A Patrol Edit Menu has been added.
Updated software requirements: PHP 4.4 or higher, and MySQL 12.2 Distrib 4.0 or higher.

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