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phpFaber CMS project is an excellent solution both for professional content makers and for non operating employees working with the c

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phpFaber CMS project is an excellent solution both for professional content makers and for non operating employees working with the content.

Content managing system (CMS) is a programming product placed on the server, which allows a group of people to create and edit the site content. Using CMS enables you to decentralize the authoring process.

You, your editors, operating personnel as well as your clients will have a flexible medium for working with the centralized content. All they need is a PC connected to Internet!

With our CMS you can right away, without any preparation, work with your site. It is especially important if your site is coupled. You will have full access to the centralized navigation, site map, settings and so on.

Authoring environment works like visual text application. Also phpFaber CMS supports such necessary functions as working with mega tags of the site and every separate page, friendly URLs for search engines. In fact the list of all features of the phpFaber CMS is much wider.

Here are some key features of "phpFaber CMS":
General Features:

Browser-based system
No HTML knowledge required
Web-based control panel
100% PHP, JavaScript code
Real-time content management
Latest technologies
Multilingual support
Flexible licensing policy

Setup and Support:

Free installation
Web-based installation wizard
No knowledge of programming languages required
Operation right after installation
Lifetime product support


Building of navigation tree graphs
Hierarchical menu
Unlimited nesting of pages
Creating of hidden pages
Creating redirects for a separate page and for the site on the whole
Automatic generation of a site map

Page Manager:

Improved system of building page tree
Title for menu, for a browser window, for a page
Meta tags for a separate page (if necessary)
Hiding a page
Creating of redirect
Indication of another design pattern.

Site Manager:

Control panel
Global settings for the site
Profiling for the administrator
Modules management
Manager of images and files

Visual Editor:

WYSIWYG look-and-feel
MS Word-like toolbar
Text formatting tab
Point-and-click interface
HTML edit mode option
Pop-up interactive dialogs
Web safe color picker
Undo / redo option
Search tool

Design & Layout:

Customizable user interface
Templatesthemes support

Add-on Modules:

Easy third-party modules integration
Module installation wizard
BannerAds module
Faq module
Feedback module
News module
NewsLetters module
Search module

Tools & Utilities:

Edit Templates
Backup System
SQL command line
PHP Shell
Verify Permissions


Automatic publishing
Dynamic content updating


Search engine friendly pages
Add META tags
Define custom META tags for every page

Error Handling:

Warning messages
Customizable error pages

What's New in This Release:
The cron e-mail processor, module titles for the front-end, static page management, Admin menu, installation process, and the Verify Permissions tool were improved.
Context sensitive help is now provided in the Administrative Panel.
An e-commerce engine was developed, and several payment gateways are supported.
A 'Products' module was implemented.
The RSS engine was updated.
An Administrator notepad was added and other minor improvements were made.

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