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phpMyBackupPro project is a Web-based MySQL backup program

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: phpMyBackupPro Team
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phpMyBackupPro project is a Web-based MySQL backup program. You can schedule backups (without cron jobs), and download, email, or upload backups with FTP. File directories can also be backed up.

No compression, zip compression, or gzip compression of the backups is possible. HTTP or HTML authentication is possible. It has an easy user interface and is easy to install. Many languages and online help are available.

Here are some key features of "phpMyBackupPro":
backup of one or several databases with or without data, table structure, ...
three types of compression (no compression, gzip or zip)
scheduled backups (through a small PHP script which must be included in a existing PHP script)
interface for managment of the backups (viewing, restoring, downloading, deleting)
backup directly onto FTP server and posting of backups by email
platform independent - only webserver and PHP needed to run e.g. on MS Windows, Linux or Mac
shell mode (to use manually or by cron script)
backuping of whole file directories (on a FTP server).
backup databases from different accounts on several MySQL servers.
highest security through two alternative login methods (HTTP or HTML authentication)
easy to use interface and very easy to install
several language packages available
online help (included in phpMyBackupPro) and FAQ on this website

What's New in This Release:
The speed of the import function was increased and its memory demands were decreased (only for gzip and SQL files).
The speed of SQL queries was increased.
New features include a system variable to backup all existing databases in scheduled backups and a favicon for Mozilla Firefox users.
Upgrading is especially recommended if you sometimes have problems with backup imports.

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