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Playmidi is a curses and X11-based MIDI file player for Linux

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Nathan I. Laredo
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Playmidi is a curses and X11-based MIDI file player for Linux. It supports playback to any OSS-supported synth device including external MIDI.

To install playmidi, just "make install"
make install will automatically configure playmidi based on your answers to a few simple questions.

NOTE: the Makefile is optimized for a recent RedHat setup. If you have an old or poorly installed ncurses, you might have to make some changes to compile. X11R6 is reqired for xplaymidi. If there is an object you don't care to make, or can't make, see the makefile
for additional installation options.

If you're having trouble with playmidi, please feel free to send email. If you've discovered any bugs, feel free to email your bug fixes.

Options for usage:

[x]playmidi [options] file1.mid [file2.mid ...]

There are a lot of command line options to change things like which device to playback to and what channels to play with what patch, etc. There are also compile-in options you will find in "playmidi.h"

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