Pop3eye 0.7.1 review

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Pop3eye is a pop3 email notifier, previewer and spam deleter

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 108K
Developer: Brian Moats
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Pop3eye is a pop3 email notifier, previewer and spam deleter. It can be run as a dockapp or as a regular or undecorated window that pops up when checking email.

Pop3eye can notify you of email from specific people, with certain subjects, or with information in any other header line by using regular expressions as filters.

It can display up to 20 partial lines of the email body in a tooltip window. Any number of accounts can be monitored and each can have its own color and font scheme.

Pop3eye 0.6 has undergone heavy reworking of regular expression pattern matching. You can setup expressions to match on any header line and then show or hide the email, or delete emails from the server without downloading them.

A log of deleted emails can be kept. You can set "test-delete" until satisfied with its operation.

A portion of the "From:" and "Subject:" lines are displayed as they are retrieved. Afterward, only those marked "show" will be seen.

Mouse actions affect only the account under the mouse. Right clicking on one account retrieves only for that account. Right clicking during retrieval will abort.

If your pop3 server supports UIDL, already downloaded headers and body text will not be downloaded again unless some emails have been deleted. You can force it to download with "shift-right-click".

What's New in This Release:
A memory leak has been fixed.
Retrieval to a local file and deleting email messages from the server can be done to all accounts simultaneously with Shift-Right-Click.

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