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The goal of Pot (PHP Object Template) is to totally divide the logic of a Web site from the design

License: BSD License
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Developer: Gerardo Iula
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The goal of Pot (PHP Object Template) is to totally divide the logic of a Web site from the design. Pot can be used by "common" people just by writing some XML tags in the HTML code.

It supports technologies like Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, animated objects, and form data checking. Using your favourite WYSIWYG editor (like Dreamweaver or GoLive), you can create HTML pages where you place a tag wherever you need and write the required Pot parameter and value tags. There are 41 objects ready to be used.

What's New in This Release:
Pot Main class

added a path pot/pot/.. and error management in case do not found any Pot folder
when an object is finished to be processed clear label prefs variable
added the hook command to execute one your's function before processing an object
fixed some wrong assumptions to use local variables that are variables inside the object
object.class.inc.php - do not work at all clrArray() - fixed.

Pot Objects

object Stop
created new, force to stop handling the rest of the page
object hints
Created new, when the mouse is over the link display a box with a message
object File
now manage correctly the error:message in case on wrong file format submitted
upload multiple files fixed, and added the function ifUpload()
object Table - not manage correctly the table:border:style , always was solid.
object Syntax
added the 'ifnot' option to do conditional objects
fixed the ${varname} conversion that add an extra space at start. fixed
object Image
added image:link for images with the filename taken from field
fixed show + infos that didn't work
object Htmlarea
removed the 1024 chars limit of the size of the text, now depends on the browser limits
fixed in view mode a bug when the field is empty goes in edit mode
change the init code with a new one
object List - rewrite to make it compatible with AdoDB and other Pot objects
object Session
now handle errors using exception template, for not existent or expired sessions
it was storing adodb objects. now do not do anymore
if some array are empty return an error, fixed
forget to remove echo debug from the code that turn off the session
fixed the code to avoi programmer mistake and write better documentation about
object Window - added a new command window:code to open another html or Php page
object Box - fixed some cases that the top/bottom/left/right images fo not fill the entire area
object Link
if not given any separator for the rollover colors list use as default the comma
doView. When you call it sever times from programming the out parms where added each other each time
doView. Added the parms ( $link, $text )
doView. Added option link:no:parm to not append the get variables such ?id=122
fixed a class definition in one link mode
doView. always add text class to link, now use the class specified and not text css
doView. using sessions sometimes is set the back option and do not work anything. Fixed. Now do back only if no link is given
object Sql
added some useful documentation about manage errors of record not found
minor fix on paginate results
better documentation about to use local variables (a query that do not affect the others)
store the foudn record (with limit) in the variable sql:result:rows:found that not change value when you get next record
object Record
fixed using 'localrecord' option (it was deleting anyway the global record!)
Added 3 functions to creare a new record in memory without get any data from any SQL queries
a case using adoDB in no record found give some errors, fixed
object Css - fix a case that added > in the wrong place, and write if no span is declared
object Variables
now use correctly the css to print data plus minor fixes about specified variables ()
if an out variables has 0 with value is skipped, fixed now it is added too
object Form
not use given name, always used a random name, fixed if you give the form name use it
moved the inclusion on all out variables just after the form tag (was at the end of the form before submit button)
object Fold - fixed the text link to show/hide the palette works only with images and not with text
object Class - fixed because do not print results immediately if no variable names to store are defined
object Exception
do not print the debug variables if set to dot so. fixed
auto jump mode taken the wrong get variables to the next page. fixed
object Password - in edit mode with re-type active it didn't fill the re-type field
object Query
in 'list' mode (without template) there was a wrong query reference. fixed.
in 'list' mode added option to calculate totals on a specified row and print result at bottom
in 'pages' mode did nothing! ops I forgot to write the code. added the code to do paginate
object Calendar - fixed calendar+hidden field, there didn't set correctly the hidden field name

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