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PresStore is a data management solution for the backup, archiving and the distribution of data

License: Shareware
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Developer: Archiware GmbH
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PresStore is a data management solution for the backup, archiving and the distribution of data. With PresStore, data is managed from its creation, followed by the necessary backup and up to its archiving.

This offers more security, more efficient storage, an optimal engagement of resources and a considerable reduction of costs.

Here are some key features of "PresStore":
excellent scalability
parallel writing to and reading from several drives
parallel backup from multiple file servers
parallel synchronizing of multiple folders
automatic management of tape libraries
platform-independent data storage
Helios, Xinet and Apple data-format support.
Any user can recover the data
Download of files and folders via a Web browser

What's New in This Release:
Uses Xinet libraries for fileserver desktop maintenance
Fixed processing of FinderInfo streams for Xinet fileserver files lacking the resource fork files.
Fixed high-watermark of 95% when writing to optical media.
Fixed CLI handles of files with multinational and/or special characters in filenames.
Closed memory leak when archiving huge number of files.
Changed disk-device compression flag to be bound on device name instead of the device directory.
Non-interactive CLI sessions are now set to never expire.
Rewritten disk arbitration interface on Darwin. It now allows for restarting when the diskarbitrationd daemon crashes or hangs. Also, devices controlled by us never publish loaded media to other users of diskarbitrationd hence preventing them to interact with "our" disks.
Added force-killing of runaway processes in scd daemon.
Fixed deadlock situation happening when a job using the media management resources is terminating and user deletes the volume from the GUI.
Circumvented misleading error messages on media detach happening with some DVD-RAM drives in JVC 8000 jukeboxes.
Skip checking writability of per-client configured restore paths. We just run the restore and terminate the job with error if the restore path is unwritable by user.

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