Project LRNJ: Slime Forest Adventure Build 55 review

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License: Shareware
File size: 1255K
Developer: Darrell Johnson
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Project LRNJ: Slime Forest Adventure's goal is to make LeaRNing Japanese fun and easy with a retro-style RPG: Slime Forest.

The game is still under development, but many students already find it useful, and it can currently teach you katakana, hiragana, and over a thousand kanji, essential character recognition for reading Japanese.


There's no real installation procedure, this game is ready to run as soon as you unpack it.

In Linux use "runwin" or "runfs" (you may find it useful to edit one these files to point to the right path and copy it to ~/bin/sfa ).

What's New in This Release:
A new enemy type and story resolution have been added.
The magic system has been removed.
There were also many small bugfixes and improvements.

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