PTM 0.5.0 Beta review

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PTM is a Perl/HTML hybrid

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Michael Spencer
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PTM is a Perl/HTML hybrid. An inline development language for those that need a bit more power behind the scenes.

But more than that, it allows developers to harness Perl's ability to manipulate strings of text and iterate loops many times faster than other languages on the market without the need to sacrifice development time to complex print, split, and join statements.

Additionally, PTM wraps many variables common to PHP to ease the transition between PTM and PHP when switching back and forth.

PTM was not created to replace PHP or ASP. PTM project was designed to be a complement to them. Where one fails another picks up the slack. In the world of dynamic design we need all the tools in our toolbox to get the job done. PTM is the raw power tool you've been missing.

What's New in This Release:
A few functions flagged by the testers have been fixed or have had minor changes in functionality made to them, and there are two major security enhancements that have been put into place.
A couple new base functionality functions have been added.
A new module (RSS20) has been added that allows for simple node-based parsing of RSS 2.0 compatible XML feeds both over the Internet and stored in local files.
The .htaccess file has been shortened to provide less overhead in Standalone/Emulation installation mode, and the installation process has been simplified.

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