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Pub Team Football Manager is a football manager software. From the main screen, there are six options available (yellow buttons) f

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Pub Team Football Manager is a football manager software.

From the main screen, there are six options available (yellow buttons) for showing or editing diffrent information during the game. Here is an explanation:

Info: This shows the details of your team such as kit colours and current news items. Kit colours can be changed by clicking them. The latest news from the pub team grapevine is shown, with any items directly relevant to your team are *** starred.
Squad: The place where you pick your team. Players numbered 1 to 11 will play, 12 and above are substitutes or rested. Each player's current position, together with his fitness and morale, are indicated next to his name. Further vital statistics of a player are obtained by clicking on his name. To move a player in or out of your first eleven, click on the "Sub" or "Play" button. You may look at other teams' squads by clicking on the < and > buttons.
Tactics: Choose the tactics and playing style of your team. A number of formations are available, and you can choose your team's passing style and aggressiveness.
Fixtures: Lists all your fixtures for the current season, including cup fixtures when drawn. You may look at other teams' fixtures by clicking on the < and > buttons.
Table: The current league standings. There are two divisions, each containing 16 teams. Your team is indicated by *.
Records: Shows the best wins and record goalscorers for the current season.
Play: Click here to actually play your matches. The week's fixtures from your division are indicated, with your match highlighted in red. Press "Start Match" to begin the match simulation, but you can later pause if things start to happen too quickly. A match report and stats are available, and are updated as the match plays. If one of your players gets injured, the game will automatically be paused.

To start a new game, select which team you wish to take charge of, and press "Start New Game". The main screen is then displayed, which is controlled by the large yellow buttons, described in the opposite panel...

Your squad consists of many players who frequent your local drinking establishment. Each player has many attributes, which are rated from A+ to F. These affect the gameplay in various ways. For example, a player who is good at tackling may make a good defender, whereas a player whose shooting attribute is high should be put up front.

All the player's attributes are available in the "Squad" section by clicking on a player's name. Also available is each player's preferred position, indicated in brackets e.g. (Def/Mid), although this is only a guide.

The most important attribute is the player's fitness. Try to pick players who are reasonably fit wherever possible. Players fitness may improve when rested, but if they are rested too long, their morale may suffer.

The chosen style of play and formation also have an influence, and some options work better with certain kinds of players. It is your job as manager to weigh up all the factors when picking your strategy and players.

As the season progresses, you will sometimes play cup matches. The Cup is a knockout tournament which includes teams from both divisions. If you are knocked out, you will not play in further rounds, but you can still watch the matches.

Occasionally, players will leave your club, and sometimes new players may join. Since it is a pub team, you don't have much control of what your players do. However, players with a low morale are more likely to leave.

At the end of the season, the top three teams from the lower division (B) are promoted to the higher division (A). The game is open-ended and you may continue for as many seasons as you like.

Java 1.4.2 or later

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