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PyPE (Python Programmers Editor) is a lightweight but powerful editor

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: josiahcarlson
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PyPE (Python Programmers Editor) is a lightweight but powerful editor. Tools for the new and seasoned user alike are included out of the box, including syntax coloring, multiple open documents with tabs, per-document browsable source trees, and many others.

The included, which is used to support styles, was released under the wxWindows license and is copyright (c) 2001 - 2002 Riaan Booysen.

The copy included was also distributed with wxPython version for Python 2.2, and was not modified in any form.

The included stc-styles.rc.cfg was slightly modified from the original version in order to not cause exceptions during style changes, and was also distributed with wxPython version for Python 2.2

The included was modified from the original version distributed with wxPython in order to support being a drag and drop source for files.

Python Programmers Editor does not seem to work when run with a version of wxPython with unicode support.

The beginnings of PyPE was written from 10:30PM on the 2nd of July through 10:30PM on the 3rd of July. Additional features were put together on the 4th of July along with some bug fixing and more testing for version 1.0. Truthfully, I've been using it to edit itself since the morning of the 3rd of July, and believe it is pretty much feature-complete (in terms of standard Python source editing). There are a few more things I think it would be nice to have, and they will be added in good time.

On the most part, this piece of software should work exactly the way you expect it to. That is the way I wrote it. As a result, you don't get much help in using it (mostly because I am lazy). When questions are asked, I'll add the question and answer into the FAQ, which is at the end of this document.

The majority of the things that this editor can do are in the menus. Hot-keys for things that have them are listed next to their menu items. As I am still learning all the neat things one can do with wxStyledTxtCtrl, I don't know all the built-in features, and this is likely as much of a learning experience for me as you.

PyPE has only been tested on Python 2.3 and wxPython It should work on later versions of Python and wxPython...unless the namespace for wxPython changes radically.

What's New in This Release:
changed) files with at least 20,000 lines or at least 4 megs will no longer have their bookmark or fold states saved on close. This significantly reduces the time to close (and sometimes open) large files.
(fixed) code that uses MainWindow.exceptDialog() will now properly create a dialog.
(fixed) wxPython 2.7 incompatability in the Browsable directory tree in wxPython 2.7 - .
(removed) some unnecessary debug printouts.
(changed) the 'Search' tab to better handle narrower layouts.
(fixed) the 'Ignore .subdirs' option in the 'Search' tab now gets disabled along with 'Search Subdirectories' when applicable.
(fixed) error when opening changelog.txt on unicode-enabled installations.
(fixed) spell checker for unicode-enabled platforms.
(fixed) case where various checkmarks in the Documents menu wouldn't update
when a document was opened, closed, or created on some platforms.
(added) --font= command line option for choosing the font that the editor will use.

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