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PyUI is a user interface library written entirely in the high-level language Python

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Sean Riley
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PyUI is a user interface library written entirely in the high-level language Python. It has a modular implementation that allows the drawing and event input to be performed by pluggable "renderers".

It can run in environments from hardware accelerated 3D surfaces to regular desktop windows. PyUI was originally targeted as a User Interface for games, but it has evolved in time into a more general UI toolkit with applicability outside of games.

The goal of pyui is that is be very simple to use and that the implementation be kept as simple as possible. Some lessons learned from Extreme Programming are being applied to the development process. The current state of PyUI is no longer exactly simple as it evolves towards being a fully features GUI toolkit, but the development methodology has been successful in keeping the code stable and usable throughout its life so far.

PyUI is being used on a commercial computer game development project at Ninjaneering and is owned by Sean Riley, one of the founders of that company. If you are using or thinking of using PyUI, drop us an email!

Here are some key features of "Pyui":
A set of useful GUI widgets including buttons, list boxes, menus, and scrollbars
Windows with resizability and movability
An extensible event system for interacting with the user interface
An interactive python console window
Layout managers similar so the Java Swing layout managers
Portability and scalability

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