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QVocab project is a program to learn the vocabulary of a foreign language

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 189K
Developer: Joachim Wieland
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QVocab project is a program to learn the vocabulary of a foreign language.

You add your words into a simple database file, the program asks you the words and you try to answer with the corresponding word of the other language.

A known word will move up one level (there are five of them) and if you didn't know its meaning, it is moved to the first level again.

Here are some key features of "QVocab":
easy-to-use GUI based on the QT widgetset
distributed under the terms of the GPL
the words are automatically put into five folders - if you knew a word, it is moved to the next folder; if you didn't, it is moved back to the first one
you can enter several meanings of a word (separated by commas) and tell qvocab to give and / or accept a single one of them (if you enter more than one, they are all checked regardless of their order)
there is a choice between a written test and an ``oral test'' in which you indicate yourself whether or not you knew the answer
you can tell qvocab to ask a word multiple times if you did not know it
qvocab can help you with the answers in various ways
you can select words that have not been asked since a given date
a lot of options
for each entry, an additional remark can be entered
you can have various vocabulary books to maintain order
moving a word into a different vocabulary book is possible
you can search for entries and edit them
converter programs available to export your data into a text file or to import existing data
for storing, you can use either regular files or a MySQL database server

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