Radiance 3.8 review

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License: Artistic License
File size: 1791K
Developer: Greg Ward Larson
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Radiance project is a set of tools which provide an advanced lighting simulation software package.

It allows very detailed definition of materials' and light sources' properties through the use of advanced techniques like brdf and ies files, as well as a powerful mathematical scripting language, resulting in accurate renderings of scenes which are usually imported from CAD and 3D modelers.

It uses the hybrid approach of Monte Carlo and deterministic ray tracing to achieve a reasonably accurate result in a reasonable time.

What's New in This Release:
New scripts for higher productivity have been added.
Code was cleaned to improve performance on new machines and in parallel environments.
Handling of the recent mesh primitive was improved.
Lots of clean-ups were done.
This release has been tested a lot and is meant to be especially stable.

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