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RailsTidy project is a plugin for Ruby On Rails. Here are some key features of "RailsTidy": · validate your rhtml templates, · v

License: MIT/X Consortium License
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Developer: Damien Merenne
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RailsTidy project is a plugin for Ruby On Rails.

Here are some key features of "RailsTidy":
validate your rhtml templates,
validate the html output of your functional tests,
clean the html generated by rails.

Tidy, the popular HTML validator and
RubyTidy, Ruby bindings for Tidy.


Unpack into the vendor/plugin and that should be it. Ruby bindings for libtidy need to know the path to the file libtidy.so. It is assumed to be found at /usr/lib/libtidy.so . If this is not the case, add

RailsTidy.tidy_path = "/path/to/your/libtidy.so"

to your environment file.


If the file config/tidy.rc exists, it will use it to configure Tidy. If you want to use another file, put

RailsTidy.tidy_configuration = "/path/to/a/tidy/configuration/file"

to your environment file.


Validating templates

Simply use

$ rake test_templates

By default, the plugin will parse all *.rhtml files in your app/views directory. If you want to validate only one file, use

$ rake test_templates FILE="path/to/the/file"

If $FILE is a directory, it will search for all *.rhtml file in it and try to validates them. If $FILE is a regular file it will be validated. If $FILE does not exists it will try with:
".rhtml" appended to $FILE,
the app/view directory prepended to $FILE,
the app/view directory prepended and ".rhtml" appended to $FILE

Validating html output

The plugin adds a new assert_tidy method to the Test::Unit::TestCase class. You can use it in your class by simply call it with no arguments. It will validate the last response returned by a test. For example:

get :index

Cleaning rails html output

The plugin allows you to clean the html produced by rails. To enable it, use an after filter in your app/controller/application.rb file

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
after_filter :tidy
def tidy

WARNING: THIS IS CERTAINLY A RESOURCE HOG. I’m not interrested in this feature so I didn’t benchmarked it but at first sight rendering is at least 2 times slower with the filter enabled.

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