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RandSig is an application that generates random signatures

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 18K
Developer: Richard Garand
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RandSig is an application that generates random signatures. It will create a signature (for emails, newsgroup posts, etc) from "prefix" files and "quote" files. There are two prefix files and two quote files: one of each is global (for all users) and one of each is user-specific.

The signatures are created by calling the "generatesig" shell script, installed to /usr/bin by default.

The prefix files are put at the start of the signature. Every signature will start with the contents of the global prefix file (/etc/randsig/globalpresig) followed by the user's prefix file (~/.randsig/presig). These can be modified with any text editor.

The quote is chosen at random from all the quotes in the global and user quote files (/etc/randsig/globalsigs and ~/.randsig/sigs).

The global quotes can be edited by root with the viallsigs command (installed to /usr/sbin) and each user can edit their quotes with the visigs command (installed to /usr/bin).

The quotes must be edited with these commands to regenerate the databases properly.

bash shell

What's New in This Release:
Default userspecific database now has 202 quotes
vi*sigs now uses $EDITOR if possible
Added configure script to find paths of fortune and strfile
Moved vi*sigs and generatesig to *.in

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