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This program is a port of the famous BSD game fortune

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Rishabh Manocha
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This program is a port of the famous BSD game fortune.

This program currently can only be run via the command line. It is ideal for use with various e-mail clients like pine,mutt etc. to insert random quotes at the end of your e-mail or for displaying a random quote when a user logs into your unix box. A more advanced application could be to display random tips in your program.

Here are some key features of "Java Fortune Teller":
Written in Java, hence Platform Independent
Handles multiple quote files.
Supports fortune style cookie files.
Supports passing various command line options. More options are being integrated in.
Easily integrable into other JAVA programms.
Easy and straighforward code.
Licensed under GPL which means you can access the source code and make it better according to your likes.

A JAVA supported Operating System - Linux,Windows, Mac OS etc.
The java runtime enviornment(JRE) to run the application and the java software development kit(SDK) to compile the project. You can get both at the java homepage.
A command line enviornment(like bash on UNIX based machines or DOS on windows machines).

What's New in This Release:
Arraylists are used again but they are used more effeciently this time around.
jfortune now assigns probability to each file, then gets a random no. and checks that no. against the probabilities assigned and then prints a quote. This means that larger files will have a higher probability for having a quote printed from it.
You can tell jfortune to consider all files equally when printing out a quote.
The output mechanism is more modular now with one method being sent all the output. This method knows if the output is to be returned as a string or is to be printed out on the console(or wherever you are running it from).

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