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RefactorIT project is a tool for Java developers

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Developer: Aqris
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RefactorIT project is a tool for Java developers. A developer can take source code of any size and complexity and rework it into well-designed code by means of over 30 automated refactorings.

In addition, it provides a comprehensive set of smart query functions, a graphical dependency analyzer, and over 100 quality metrics and audits that make it possible to analyze and track large volumes of code.

It may be used as a stand-alone tool or installed as an add-in to NetBeans, Sun ONE Studio, JDeveloper, and JBuilder.

Speed and flexibility, innovativeness and aesthetics, power and appeal - today's developers and software architects expect a lot from their software development tools.

Spontaneity is especially important: we all want to be able to put our plans into action quickly.

RefactorIT is the ideal development tool for people who enjoy their freedom - it is the first comprehensive refactoring and code analyses tool that goes everywhere you want to take it - no matter...

what IDE your team is working with - by choice or force,
what kind of Java technologies you are developing with,
how daring your refactoring project may seem.

RefactorIT provides

Automatic Refactoring Operations,
Code Searches and Analysis,
Audits and Corrective Actions,
IDE integrations,
Full JSP support.

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