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Roadnav is an in-car navigation system that can run on a variety of operating systems like Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. Roadnav c

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Richard L. Lynch
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Roadnav is an in-car navigation system that can run on a variety of operating systems like Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Roadnav can obtain a car's present location from a GPS unit, plot street maps of the area, and provide verbal turn by turn directions to any location in the USA.

Roadnav uses the free TIGER/Line files from the US Census Bureau to build the maps, along with the GNIS state and topical gazetteer data from the USGS to identify locations.

Here are some key features of "Roadnav":
Generates street level maps for the US
Interfaces with GPS units to display your position in real time
Verbal turn by turn directions to any place in the US. Automatically recomputes directions if you miss a turn.
On screen keyboard
3D (driver's perspective) view mode
Daytime and nighttime color schemes
Automatic day/night mode switching
Plots nearby landmarks and points of interest
Can operate offline (without an Internet connection)
Antialiased output
Supports multiple operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
Uses freely available data from the US Census Bureau and the USGS
Appearance can be customized with skins
Can output status information to LCD devices through LCDproc

What's New in This Release:

Improves appearance of railroad tracks.
Improved appearance at higher detail levels.
Adds OpenStreetMap support.
Misc performance improvements.
Download progress dialog now shows the size of the file being downloaded.
Trying to look up an invalid address should take less time to fail now.
Faster map redraws.
If an invalid street name, city, or state is given, FindAddress now suggests the closest sounding street, city, or state.
The map can now be moved by left clicking and dragging the mouse.

Bug Fixes:

Fixes bug that would cause map labels to be drawn, even if there was no space.
Progress bar periodically refreshes itself now, even if the progress bar isn't moving.
Fixes some artifacts that would appear near the edge of the screen, on the edge of a thick line.
Eliminates error message that would appear if RemoveDirectoryAndContents was called on a non-existent directory.
Negative street number no longer reported when FindCoordinates is called far from a street.
The color of the cursor (cross hair) is now determined by the map color scheme rather than the system color/cursor scheme.
MapControl::MoveCenterUp/Down/Left/Right now works correctly in 3D mode.

Developer Visible Changes:

Improved FindCoordinates performance.
MapControl now sends its MapUpdated notification after the map has been redrawn.
FormatFileSize function added.
New FindAddress function that accepts the street number, street name, and street type in one string.
Adds IntersectsRect to MapControlDataEntry
Adds m_eRecordType to Address class.
const bool * are now used instead of vector< bool > to indicate layer visibility.

Map projection changed.

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