Sacred 2.2 review

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SACRED is an enhanced version of the ROM 2.4b6 codebase

License: Other/Proprietary License with Source
File size: 1550K
Developer: TML_Winston
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SACRED is an enhanced version of the ROM 2.4b6 codebase. Sacred enhancements include new player skills, spells, classes, and races.

Also included are arenas, OLC, Mud Compression Protocol, a Clan system, new flags, questing, color, automatic auctions, enhanced immortal utilities, spellchecking, hints, and many more features.

To play the the Mageslair you will need a good client. You are able to play it with simple stuff like the standard windows client or the java applet, but this will not show so good results, as playing with a special mud client.

There are a lot of good mud clients to find one just run a search on google, or check our download section for a link to a good client. You should also make sure that you get compression.

When having downloaded and installed a mud client, click on connect to server and simply enter as address and as port 7060. Then your set.

What's New in This Release:
The 2500 item limit has been removed.
Exits no longer show closed doors.
There is now a README file update for proper installation.

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