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SAGATOR is an email antivirus/antispam gateway

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: SAL
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SAGATOR is an email antivirus/antispam gateway. It is an interface to any smtpd, which runs an antivirus and/ or spam checker.

Its modular architecture can use any combination of antivirus/spam checker according to configuration. It currently supports clamav, nod32d, AVG, sophos, TrendMicro AV, Symantec AV, spamassassin, bogofilter, and quickspamfilter.

It has some internal checkers (string_scanner and regexp_scanner).
SAGATOR project can parse MIME mails and decompress archives.

What's New in This Release:
All e2i_??? functions removed, update your configuration manually!
lmtpd() service configuration changed, update your configuration manually!
Fuse support to scan filesysmtes for viruses/...
postfix smtpd_policy service and some useful scanners for policies
configure script modified to look as gnu style
status() scanner will update data, only if level>=1.0
default configuration moved from to
SPF (Sender Permitted From) and DNS checkers added
scanstream renamed to scanbuffer (and all similiar functions)
filtered renamed to clean in rrd graphs, remove old .rrd files
added script
default status file moved to /var/lib/sagator/status
nod2pac() scanner rewrite
map() changed by generators
virus counter for --quiet sgscan fixed
report template changed: email header and scanner output swapped
parameter --all added to bdc defaults
small code cleanup
variables for status() scanner
bug "postfix always reconfigured" in debian packages fixed
duplicit X-Sagator-ID for lmtp() bug fixed
sagator's ID expanded by hostname
added scanners: rcpt_in_sql(), rcpt_in_txt(), rcpt_no_match()
sagator's core simplifications (globals.CHROOT removed)
web quarantine updates
scanc() scanner added to run any scanner over scand() service
usrquota() scanner to check users quota
average counter in collector
retry() scanner to retry an scanner
updates for new coreutils (head, tail and sort fixes)
added re.MULTILINE to default regular expression flags
ability to use variables (for example $SENDER) in report() scanner recipients
rrdtool 1.2 is now default (when rrdtool is used), use rrdtool10 for older versions in your crontab script
webq_apache() service marked as obsolete
gentoo ebuild and patches
added parameters for fprot() scanners

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