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Savane is a Web-based Libre Software hosting system

License: (FDL) GNU Free Documentation License
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Developer: Yeupou
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Savane is a Web-based Libre Software hosting system. It currently includes issue tracking (bugs, task, support), project and member management, mailing lists, and individual account maintenance. Savane is internationalised and themable. Savane depends on Perl, PHP and MySQL.

Savane is the continuation of the Savannah software project by the same team of developers and contributors, under a slightly modified name.

What's New in This Release:
A markup language enables users to format content, for instance in item reports.
Numerous anti-spam tools are now available: DNSbl, SpamAssassin, and the ability for users to flag content as spam.
The item page layout has been reorganized so that editing the item attributes or inserting a comment no longer require scrolling of the window.
The various sections are folded (and can be unfolded by a simple click) to provide a more condensed layout.
It is possible to create squads to group small teams of members that must be assigned items together.

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