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Scheme Scribe (Scribe hereafter) is a text processor

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 347K
Developer: Manuel Serrano
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Scheme Scribe (Scribe hereafter) is a text processor. Even if it is a general purpose tool, it best suits the writing of technical documents such as web pages or technical reports, API documentations, etc. At first glance, Scribe looks like a mark-up language ? la HTML. So, there is no need to be provided with computer programming skills in order to use Scribe.

A second look reveals that Scribe is actually a true programming language, provided with high level features (such as objects, higher order functions, regular and syntactic parsing, etc.). Scribe is based on the Scheme programming language.

From Scribe source files it is possible to produce various targets:

HTML pages that can be used to implement a web site.
LaTeX files that can be used to produce high quality Postscript or PDF files.
Info files that suit the Emacs Info mode.
Man pages for Unix documentation.
Plain texts.
MagicPoint slides.

BIGLOO2.4b or later is _required_.
GNU-MAKE is required.
In order to compile the scribe_mod Apache module, you need to be provided with the Apache development kit (the Apache compiler APXS is required).

Summary of a SCRIBE compilation, test and installation:

$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

This procedure will self test SCRIBE because it will compile the various Scribe documents that implement the Scribe documentation.

To compile the Scribe Apache module, the following supplemental step is needed:

$ make mod_scribe

It is out of the scope of this documentation file to explain how to install the mod_scribe Apache module. However, you may find some hints in the file apache/README.

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