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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 7K
Developer: Koos van den Hout
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scrssfeed is a simple filter to use in mail programs to grab URLs from the messages that state that spamcop "has accepted X mails for processing" and convert them to RSS so they can be used as a "live bookmark" in a browser.

scrssfeed is a very simple script that does one thing: convert the spamcop links in a 'has accepted X e-mails for processing' mail to urls in an RSS feed.

You can then use this feed as a 'live bookmark' in Firefox (and probably in other browsers) using for example the 'open in tabs' option to follow all urls at once.

The scripts expects the mail on stdin and looks for the right urls.

The output is saved to spamcop.rdf, you will probably need to adjust the path to something that fits your web installation.

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