Sharehound 1.1.7 Alpha review

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Sharehound is a file systems indexer and Google-like searcher

License: BSD License
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Developer: Artem Vasiliev
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Sharehound is a file systems indexer and Google-like searcher. Sharehound project currently supports SMB file shares (i.e. MS Windows-based network shares are supported). The Web UI is used for search and crawl monitoring.

Files and directories are indexed and searched by their paths and some other external attributes, not contents. Historical data (deleted files and offline hosts information) is indexed, which allows you to have full-fledged RSS notifications about added, changed, and deleted files in search results.

Here are some key features of "Sharehound":
file search by Windows LAN's shares
web-interface for remote computer's file system listing (e.g. to browse file system of home computer from remote office)
RSS notification about files of interest, e.g. new music at given computer, set of computers or the whole net (not implemented yet - queued) FTP server search and changes notification companion. I think this could be interesting for FTP site owners (not implemented yet - queued) RSS notification for updates in version control system. I work at software development company (we use Perforce) and I know some collegues of mine who miss this thing (me too!), so possibly I'll get a chance to implement it at working hours. Seems like some commercial systems (I'm thinking about FishEye, but even they still have no Perforce support!) have this feature but they are commercial.

Java 1.4.2 or later

What's New in This Release:
Crawl tasks were launched two times in parallel.
Dupes with the same ID appeared in the index.
These issues have been fixed.

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