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Simple Groupware 0.2 beta 1 has been released and is available for download at

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Thomas Bley
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Simple Groupware 0.2 beta 1 has been released and is available for download at. Simple Groupware has lots of new features that are building the basis for new features, better performance and many more releases.

New features/changes (very short): Added folder quotas, rights system, cut/copy/paste, server-based auto-complete, data export to html, csv, xml, xls, unit-testing, slow query logging, faq-module, online/offline status for users, new external searches in sidebar, save/restore tree-position, calendar improvements, option for multiple-files per field, lots of performance improvements, bug fixes.

Here are some key features of "Simple Groupware":
In general Simple Groupware offers You:

A 100% web based application (no special client applications or plugins required). Optional a windows-client is available to make downloads/uploads easier
Complete secure communication using SSL
Easy and intuitive user interface
One platform for managing, controlling and developing business processes
Autonomy: Simple Groupware is fully driven with open technologies
Individuality: All hierarchical organisation structures and responsibilities can be represented and managed in the application
Intelligent knowledge management: e.g. find everything faster using phonetic search algorithms

Flexible User Authentication:

Keep Your old system(s) and manage only one user database
Authenticate using built-in methods of Apache (e.g. Basic, NTLM, etc.)
Use LDAP, FTP, IMAP or SMTP* to authenticate users
Others (like ODBC*) can be added using the authentication api


The more individual and extravagant You are the more You will like Simple
Layout can be mostly customized using theme configuration file. (for details what is legal, see license)
Existing Modules can be expanded and fully customized using sgsML
(simple groupware solutions Markup Language = XML-based language for defining web applications at lowest expenses)
New Modules can be easily created using sgsML
New handlers for indexing, converting and previewing can be easily added using the file-handler api.

Document Management:

All kinds of documents can be managed centralised and secure
Special text indexing algorithms and external converting tools offer searching through office documents
All most common files can be previewed in the web-browser*
Special handlers offer common file conversions (e.g. compressing)*
All files can be automatically checked for viruses (support for F-Prot, McAfee, Kaspersky, etc)*

Administrative Workflows

Administrative workflows can kill a lot of time and money. To reduce these costs You can:
Represent all kinds of administrative workflows*
Manage resources like rooms, computers, beamers, etc. inside one application
Administrate a complete IT-Support using the ticket-, resource- and inventory-system

Personal Knowledge Management

All Your information is inside the head of Your employees. Keep it there using:
Personal and Global bookmark management
Individual composing of small notes
Private, public and team calendars*

Data Integration

Get a new system, convert or migrate all Your data ? No.
With Simple Groupware You can seemlessly integrate any existing infrastructure:
Integrate all kinds of relational databases
Access Your file-servers within Simple Groupware
Integrate Your Outlook contacts
Keep Your mail-system

What's New in This Release:
added Brasil Portuguese translation from Gil Leca
added responsibles to the task module
added new modules: wiki, html documents
added address field to locations, description field to files

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