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Conflux is an internet-based groupware and document management solution intended to organise and simplify your work

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Conflux is an internet-based groupware and document management solution intended to organise and simplify your work. Conflux Groupware was designed with security, usability and performance in mind.

Here are some key features of "Conflux":

100% web based application.
Clean and simple HTML based interface.
All data transferred between the application and the user is encrypted with 128bit SSL encryption.
Support for multiple languages and date formats. Conflux Professional currently comes with built-in support for English, German, Portugese and Estonian languages. Easily extendable with other languages.
Native Unicode support.
Any object stored in Conflux can be associated with any other object through Conflux relation management.
Hierarchical and group based access control.
User specific personal settings including language and date format.

Document Management:

A secure centralised document repository for all users.
Comprehensive search functionality allows to find documents based on the contents of document metadata or the contents.
Version management ensures the safe preservation of older document versions.
Built-in full text indexing support for Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, HTML and plain text formats, extendable to other formats.
Document repository can be used as a local drive in Microsoft Windows with Web Folders and in Linux with Nautilus or Konqueror with the WebDAV feature


Shared calendars.
Repeated events.
Resource management.
Daily, weekly and monthly calendar views for easy overview.
Ability to coordinate events with your co-workers.
E-mail and SMS reminders.

Tasks and Workflows:

Shared tasks.
Ability to assign tasks to co-workers.
Workflows with automated e-mail notification.
Ability to group tasks into serial or parallel workflows.


Possibility to manage private and shared contacts and associated information.
Mass e-mails to selected groups of contacts.


Support for multiple POP3 or IMAP e-mail accounts.
Full text indexing of e-mails for quick searches.
Integration with the Document Management module:
E-mail attachmens can be saved directly into the Documents module or your computer.
Attachments for new messages can be selected directly from the Documents module or your computer.
Integration with the Contact Management module.
Contacts module can be used as an address book.
E-mail addresses from recieved messages can be directly saved as contacts.
Ability to create personal e-folders.
Messages can be marked as high priority, normal priority, read and unread.
Built in e-mail spellchecker


Central management of client data, contacts and sales opportunities
Up-to-date sales results and statistics available all the time

The trial version supports five users and has no time limit.

Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD or MS Windows operating system
Apache2 web server software
mod_python 3.0 or 3.1 module
Python 2.3
PostgreSQL 7.3, 7.4 or 8.0 database engine

What's New in This Release:
This release fixes the following bugs: the system backup feature raised an error and did not create a database backup, the email client raised errors when used with an IMAP server that did not support UTF-8 as a native encoding, and saving vcards from email messages raised an error when not all of the expected fields were present in the vcard.

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