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Simple Invoices is a clean, simple, and basic Web-based invoicing system. Simple Invoices is meant for personal invoices, home off

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Justin Jameskelly
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Simple Invoices is a clean, simple, and basic Web-based invoicing system.

Simple Invoices is meant for personal invoices, home office invoicing, small organization invoicing, and basic POS (point of sale) systems for light usage.

Its goals are to be easy to use, simple and clean, and focused on its task. It is not meant for heavy-use POS applications, nor is it meant to be enterprise ready.


Installation on Simple Invoices:

Now the required software has been installed and is running, download the latest Simple Invoices package from htt://
Extract the contents of the to a simpleinvoices folder in your web servers document root (ie. /var/www in Debian)
Create a simple_invoices database on your database server. I recommend you use phpMyAdmin to create/manage your new database.
Once this database has been created populate the database with tables and test data by running the SimpleInvoicesDatabase.sql file in your database
In phpMyAdmin open the simple_invoices database you just created and go to the SQL tab
Upload the file in the SimpleInvoicesDatabase.sql "Location of the textfile:" and click go
Now the database has data and files have been 'installed' in the webservers document root, SimpleInvoice just need to have its configuration file edited and then its fine to use
Open the Simple Invoices coniguration file (which is config.php in the config/ folder) up in your favourite text editor
Edit the file so that
$db_host equals the name of your database server (normally "localhost"),
$db_name to the name of the database (normally "simple_invoices"),
$db_user to the database username for the database specified in $db_name,
$db_password to the password of the database user
Everything has been setup and configured now, Simple Invoice is ready to be used
Open your Internet browser and go to http://localhost/simpleinvoices and user Simple Invoices as you wish

What's New in This Release:
Custom Fields have been added to billers, customers, and products.
An issue with blank fields and commas being displayed on the invoice has been fixed; now only fields that are not null are displayed, and the commas appear in the right places.
Quick View has been updated with show/hide buttons to toggle the amount of info displayed on screen, and alter for the Custom Fields.
The Customer details page tab feature has been revamped to include an updated style.
The index page has been updated, icons added, and layout cleaned up.
An index page warning has been added for MySQL4, IE, Konqueror, and Safari users.

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