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SimpleCDR-X was born in mid-June of 2001

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 401K
Developer: John Tobin
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SimpleCDR-X was born in mid-June of 2001. It was clear to me that SimpleCDR's interface had limitations that could only be overcome by going to a GUI interface. I then proceeded to look at the various toolkits and then I discovered Glade.

Glade is perhaps one of the best programming utilities that I have found for Linux to date. It the development of a 2200 line interface much easier than it would have been otherwise. If Glade wasn't around I still might just be playing with the various toolkits instead of having a finished product. Glade allowed me to focus on functionality rather than trying to get the interface to look right with straight C code.

SimpleCDR-X like it's brother SimpleCDR is a hybrid of C and C++. Most of the external utilities are managed by C++ classes called from the hybrid callbacks.c. The reason that I didn't opt to use GTK-- instead of the hybird was because most everyone already has GTK+, however, not everyone has GTK-- and some don't want to download a 1.5 MB file to compile or dig up the installation CDs.

Here are some key features of "SimpleCDR X":
Disc-At-Once CD copying
Audio CD copying via cdrecord and CDparanoia or cdda2wav
Audio CD Mastering
MP3/OGG import via MADplay, LAME, or OGG123
Import from CD via CDparanoia or cdda2wav
Data CD Mastering
Multi-session CD writing
Rip tracks to wav
Rip tracks to MP3/OGG on the fly via Blade Encode, LAME, or oggenc
GTK+ Interface

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