SimpServer 2.1.0 review

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SimpServer is the first lightweight instant messaging security gateway for Unix systems

License: Free for non-commercial use
File size: 595K
Developer: Secway
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SimpServer is the first lightweight instant messaging security gateway for Unix systems. Install SimpServer on a Unix system and configure IM clients on your local network, and conversations with Simp-equipped parties will be automatically encrypted. SimpServer can indeed accept simultaneous remote connections and thus secure local and/or remote clients.

With SimpServer, corporate environments can now benefit from centralized instant messenger encryption. Linux fans can now secure their MSN conversations. SimpServer is beta and is free for any use.

Here are some key features of "SimpServer":
This version of SimpServer supports MSN Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo! and AIM encryption using the Diffie-Hellman key-agreement scheme. It does not currently support authenticated modes such as the RSA modes of the Windows version, nor does it support other IM protocols. That limitation brings an important advantage: SimpServer can be used as a security server for multiple IM clients, not only the one on the local machine, but others on the network. It is indeed possible to configure clients to use SimpServer as a proxy server, which will secure all outgoing IM flows.

As for the Windows version, the Unix edition can be highly customized: messages can be colored depending on their cryptographic state and contact names can be prefixed during conversations (MSN) to quickly see if the conversation is secure.

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