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Slackselect is a little tool, to manage your Slackware packages

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 13K
Developer: Asturio Kee
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Slackselect is a little tool, to manage your Slackware packages. It is a little bit like pkgtool, but it has all the functions I need: as a Debian user, used to use dselect, I wanted to upgrade my Slackware installation (on my Backupcomputer) a little bit smooth.

So with Slackselect I can just tell from which Mirror I want it to get the packages, and it will upgrade all packages I want, without having to install everything again. You can install from FTP/HTTP and CD-Sets. It can also find obsolete packages you may want to remove.

What's New in This Release:
The "compare_version" algorithm was replaced with a new and better "version_checker", fixing issues with broken version comparisons.
Some variables in diff were quoted so that spaces in filenames are handled correctly.
The length of FTP server names was extended and FTP input handling was corrected to only save values if there are any.
The radio list was changed to a check list in "Remove source list".
Path names for downloading package lists were corrected.

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