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Slicetime is a program that helps you track time you spend on projects

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 8K
Developer: AK
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Slicetime is a program that helps you track time you spend on projects. Slicetime is designed to make it easy to switch between different projects, the main window is in the shape of vertical sidebar that makes it convenient to keep it always visible on the side of the screen. In short, continuous tracking of time taken on projects is made as effortless as possible.

The purpose of the program is to make you aware of which tasks take more time, and which take less; it can also be used to keep track and charge time if you're working for someone on hourly basis. The advantage of the program is that it lets you switch back and forth very easily, letting you keep a very accurate account of how much a task took even if you have to stop it frequently and work on something else.

The results can be very surprising, something may feel like it took only a few minutes whereas it took almost an hour in real time; the reverse is sometimes true although not as often.

Slicetime main window is a vertical bar with a row of buttons, each button representing a project. When the button is pressed in, the project is active, the rest of projects are inactive. Each project button shows the time taken on the project today. At 12 o'clock the daily time is reset and new day's count is started.

Time is kept for current day, week, month and total. Example: I may have a 'slicetime' project that has 3:59 time today, 8:00 this week (including today), 17:00 this month (including this week) and 125:00 total time, which may have been accumulated over years.

Slicetime makes it easy to change project time for current day if you forgot to check in or check out. Menu command (add or subtract project time) will add or subtract the time for today. Another command will set all times for total, month, week and day.
Slicetime as of now has two report options, it can report by time taken for each project on a daily, weekly, montly and total basis and the same by percentage. For example, it will show that today project A was 60%, project B - 30% and C - 10%, and will do the same for current week, month and total.

Note that Slicetime does not keep separate time accounting from previous week, month, day, etc. It will not tell you that you spend 5 hours last saturday. It will only tell you total time, time taken on current month, week and day; but it makes perfect sense to keep this data as well, and I will almost certainly add it.

* Add project
* Remove project (deletes all data and button, irrecoverable, use sparingly!)
* Report by time
* Report by percentage
* Set project time
* Add or subtract project time

Number of project buttons is effectively limited by vertical size of screen. On a common 1024 res, you can fit in around 42 projects, which should be enough for anyone, but I will add an option of hiding projects from main window if requested.
Latest version not tested in Unix, but will most likely work. I will test it soon & fix if needed.
Could keep time for each past day, week, month, year. Most likely will be added eventually.

What's New in This Release:
Several bugs were fixed.
The interface was changed to be more user friendly.
Autosave functionality was added to make up for some stability problems on WinXP.

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