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SmartColorWell is a cross-platform open-source ColorWell class for REALbasic 4 or greater

License: Freeware
File size: 21K
Developer: Harry Hooie Creations
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SmartColorWell is a cross-platform open-source ColorWell class for REALbasic 4 or greater. The SmartColorWell control stores a color value and displays that color in a simulated BevelButton that when pressed allows the user to change the color using the operation system's standard color picker.

SmartColorWell is developed for and tested on Linux, Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 and Windows 98/2000/XP. SmartColorWell isn't really all that smart, but it's pretty smart relative to other REALbasic ColorWell classes.

The SmartColorWell class is provided free for all to use. You are free to redistribute the source code. If you distribute it as a standalone class, please include this documentation with it. If you distribute source code containing SmartColorWell, you do not need to include this documentation. There is no need to credit me in your program for using SmartColorWell unless you just want to.

Using SmartColorWell:

First add the SmartColorWell class to your project by dragging the "SmartColorWell.rbo" file into your project window. To add a SmartColorWell to one of your project windows, add a canvas to the window and change the canvas's Super property from "Canvas" to "SmartColorWell". (or simply drag the SmartColorWell class from your Project window and drop it in the window)

REALbasic 4 or greater

What's New in This Release:
Control now draws as disabled when it or parent control is disabled or control in not active
(Might have to manually refresh when window is Activated/Deactivated)
Method setColor and setColorFromHexString do nothing when sent color is same as current

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