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SmartVariables is a C++ library that simplifies network database programming by implementing seamless sharing and storage of generic

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Developer: Lee Hounshell
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SmartVariables is a C++ library that simplifies network database programming by implementing seamless sharing and storage of generic content. This C++ based network development platform is rather novel in that it "attaches" an email-like address to container and list objects. This makes the working program data "network aware" and distributed. SmartVariables simplifies application development and maintenance by removing complexity. The product provides an automated, intelligent data delivery capability for generic objects and lists.

Most systems manage data by moving the data in and out of databases - using a "buffer" to transfer data between the database and application working variables. SmartVariables removes this "buffer" by attaching the working variables directly to network information storage. When the storage changes, so do the variables... on all of the machines with copies of that information! Internally, distributed databases "push" altered content to machines accessing that - and deliver the data to each process's working variables automatically.

The library has two logical entities (container and list) that translate into six physical object-classes. Containers can hold almost any piece of data - from numbers to arbitrary-length strings to complex binary objects including multimedia and files. Containers can perform infinite-precision math. List objects hold containers - or other list objects as elements. Because SmartVariables behave similar to ordinary C++ intrinsic types, there is very little time required before a developer becomes productive with the library. Junior programmers can learn this environment with about 1 day of study.

The developers assert this platform is useful for a wide variety of common distributed processing tasks, including GRID programming, web-services and integration of legacy software. It is easy to use SmartVariables as "glue" to make systems communicate.. The company is internally using SmartVariables as a component in a massively-parallel distributed neural network: In that, distributed neurons process sequences of auto-associative invariant pattern representations and yield a percentage match for input pattern fragments. These neuron objects use SmartVariables objects as "generic axons" to widely exchange information.

What's New in This Release:
This release compiles and runs using GCC 4.X.
Order-of-processing for object updates has been fixed.
New object XML conversion code has been added.
There is a fix for the object name@localhost truncation bug.
There are VC++ and build system "make install" changes.

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