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Snark is a client for downloading and sharing files distributed with the BitTorrent protocol

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 57K
Developer: Mark Wielaard
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Snark is a client for downloading and sharing files distributed with the BitTorrent protocol. It is mainly used for exploring the BitTorrent protocol and experimenting with the the GNU Compiler for Java (gcj). But it can also be used as a regular BitTorrent Client.

Snark can also act as a torrent creator an http server.

When given the option --share Snark will automatically create a .torrent file, start a very simple webserver to distribute the metainfo.torrent file and a local tracker that other BitTorrent clients can connect to.

The GNU Compiler for java (gcj) version 3.3 or later. (Earlier versions have a faulty SHA message digest implementation.) On Debian GNU/Linux based distributions just install the gcj-3.3 package. Edit the GCJ variable in the Makefile if your gcj binary is not gcj-3.3.
Typing 'make' will create the native snark binary and a snark.jar file for use with traditional java byte code interpreters.
It is possible to compile the sources with other java compilers like jikes or kjc to produce the snark.jar file. Edit the JAVAC and JAVAC_FLAGS variables on top of the Makefile for this. And type make snark.jar to create a jar file that can be used by traditional java bytecode interpreters like kaffe: kaffe -jar snark.jar. You will need at least version 1.1 of kaffe for all functionality to work correctly (--share does not work with older versions).
When trying out the experimental Gnome frontend you also need the java-gnome bindings. On Debian GNU/Linux systems install the package libgnome0-java. You can try it out by typing 'make snark-gnome' and then run like you would with the normal command line client.

What's New in This Release:
README: Update version number and explain new features.
Makefile, org/klomp/snark/,
org/klomp/snark/ Add GnomeInfoWindow.
org/klomp/snark/ Implement 'info' and 'list' commands.
Makefile, org/klomp/snark/,
org/klomp/snark/ Add GnomePeerList to show state of connected peers.
org/klomp/snark/:, Make Comparable.

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