VLOS 1.3.1 RC1 review

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VLOS is a powerfull, stable and easy to use Linux distribution

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Vidalinux Desktop OS
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VLOS is a powerfull, stable and easy to use Linux distribution. The main goal of Vidalinux Desktop OS is to make Linux Operating System easier to use and administrer using the right tools for your daily work on Home or Office.

Here are some key features of "VLOS":
Poweful Desktop Linux!

Beautful look and feel
NFS network installation supported
Hundreds of new software titles
Faster boot-up time
Enhanced Portage GUI
Two CDs or one DVD installation
PPC platform support
gDesklets desktop applets

Hardware Support

New 2.6.12 Kernel
New KDE 3.4.1
New Gnome 2.10
New X.org 6.8.2 for improved video support
New GCC 3.4.3
New anaconda graphical installer supporting lastest graphics cards
Support for SATA and PATA hard drives

Internet Applications

Azureus Bittorrent Client
GnomeMeeting Video conference and VOIP/IP
Skype Instant messenger and VOIP/IP
Gaim compatible with IRC, AOL, ICQ, Yahoo and MSN Messenger
Xchat IRC client
Firestarter enhanced firewall for added security
Gftp FTP client
Firefox Internet browser

Improved support for the Home entertainment

New Amarok Music Manager
New K3b CD, DVD, VideoCD burner
New RealPlayer 10
New Nexiuz First person shooter game
New Trigger OpenGL rally car racing game
Hydrogen music drum machine

Home and Office

New Improved Wireless support
Improved Networking, File Sharing and Printing
New Nvu Web Authoring and editing tool
New Evolution Groupware Suite (Reminders, MailMinder, Calendar, Address Book)
New Openoffice 2.0 beta3
New Beagle desktop searching tool
Gnucash personal finance manager

What's New in 1.3 Stable Release:
Updated to gcc-4.1.1
Updated to glibc-2.4
Updated XGL and compiz-quinstorm
Updated xorg-x11
Fixed KDE problems with compiz
Updated to latest baselayout
Kernel updated to latest vidalinux-sources
Update to portage-2.1.1-r1

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