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Spalah CMS is a simple content management system for small- and medium-sized Web sites. Here are some key features of "Spalah CMS"

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Anatoly Podlesnuk
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Spalah CMS is a simple content management system for small- and medium-sized Web sites.

Here are some key features of "Spalah CMS":
Main points

Simply installation procedure. Just run install.cgi. Generaly site can be launched in 10 minutes.
User friendly interface. It requires no more than 3 clicks to reach the necessary unit.
Site data and site presentation are separated.
A CMS functionality allows to use it on nearly 60-70% sites without any changes in code.
Script that runs site is separated from admin area. It is possible to run site and admin area on different hosts that increases security.
It is possible to choose database for site. That is allow to switch betwen different sites in few seconds.
WYSIWYG articles editor

General features

separate admin panel and site script
search in site contents (articles and catalog items)
sitemap generation
switch CSS styles
use several database connetctions

Site structure tree

unlimited item level
ability to make site on any language
move structure item from one level to another
sort items on same level
set page template
set keywords / description for page
show / hide / highlight page
set external or internal link

Articles and News

unlimited number of articles per page
move articles from page to page
set keywords / description per page
show / hide / archive / highlight article
set article icon
edit article with WYSIWYG

Catalogs and Galleries

unlimited number of catalog items per page
move catalog items from page to page
show / hide / highlight catalog item
set owner (customer) of item
set short description and full description of item
set unlimited number of images per item
create image thumbnail
link images to item from other items
set image short description
recycle bin for catalog items

Manage Files and Images

upload images (create thumbnail automaticaly)
upload files

Create Forms

create one form per page
form data send to email and save to database
set show / hide / required for form field
set default values for form field

Manage Users

simple user's management

What's New in This Release:
Advanced user management was added.
Some look & feel changes were added.
Various bugfixes were made.

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