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SpeedCrunch is a fast, compact, high-precision calculator (up to 50 decimal digits), ideal for power users

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Ariya Hidayat
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SpeedCrunch is a fast, compact, high-precision calculator (up to 50 decimal digits), ideal for power users. SpeedCrunch is designed to be enjoyed using keyboard.

Result is shown in scrollable window, history of expressions is available with up and down arrow.

SpeedCrunch is easy to use, just type the expression that you want to calculate and press Enter. Result is shown in the scrollable display. And, you can quickly copy the last calculation result to the clipboard using Ctrl+R.

If you want to reuse again the expression which you typed before, then press up and down arrow to access the expression history.

Beside standard algebraic operator like + (addition), - (substraction), * (multiplication), * (division), ^ or ** (power), there is support for some functions, for example sin, log, abs, and many more. You do not need to memorize function names, use Ctrl+F to pop up a dialog where you can choose the function that you need. Or take advantage of auto-completion feature, for example type the letter s only and in less than a second you will be automagically given with choices of sin, sinh or sqrt.

Advanced calculation sometimes needs memory feature. SpeedCrunch allows variables to hold calculation result. Using assignment, such as x=0.3 means that variable named x has the value of 0.3, which you can always later on, for example sin(x). You can define as many variables as you want. When you want to use a variable but you can not recall its exact name, use Ctrl+I to show a list of variables that you can pick easily.

There is a special variable, ans, which always holds the last calculation result. Another variable pi holds one of the most important constant in math world.

Your expression history (maximum last 100 expressions), as well as variables you have defined, are saved between sessions. This means, you can still recall those calculations you have done yesterday or last week.

Often, SpeedCrunch can still understand an incomplete expression. For example, just typing sin followed by Enter - likely means taking the sine of last value - is automatically translated as sin(ans). Also, for such function you may skip the parentheses if you pass simple number or variable, sin 0.1 is as valid as sin(0.1). Speaking about parentheses, closing them can be left to SpeedCrunch, e.g. cos(pi/4 is automatically corrected to cos(pi/4).

For your convenience, it is even possible to customize the font and color used for the display.

Here are some key features of "SpeedCrunch":
high precision, up to 50 decimal digits
to be enjoyed using keyboard
result shown in scrollable display
history of last expressions (use up and down arrow)
built-in functions: abs, sqrt, pi, log, exp, ln, sin, cos,...
auto-complete of function name
support for variables, e.g try x=pi/3 and then sin(x)
special variable ans holds the last calculation result
percent operator, try e.g. 45%*75 or price/80%
angle mode: Alt+D for degrees, Alt+R for radians

What's New in This Release:
support for building using CMake
fixed issue #9: unary minus before a function
fixed issue #7: function argument in brackets
fixed issue #6: exponentiation of a negative number returns NaN
fixed issue #5: auto calculation shows up even on the first run
fixed issue #4: should scroll automatically to show the result
fixed issue #3: function argument starts with unary minus
patched crunch.pro to fix "make install" (thanks to Vladimir Pouzanov)
made the application look for translations in the current directory too
updated the russian, french and portuguese translations - thanks all translators

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