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Spumoni enables any program which can be queried via local commands to be health-checked via SNMP

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Scott McCrory
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Spumoni enables any program which can be queried via local commands to be health-checked via SNMP. This allows admins to use enterprise-level monitoring programs such as OpenNMS, Tivoli, OpenView, MRTG and RRDTool for even non-SNMP-enabled applications.

Spumoni acheives this efficiently using a native SNMP engine coupled with a stats collection daemon. Everything is highly configurable using modular XML files. Because of this modularity, the Spumoni project also contains a repository of configuration files to make monitoring various programs easier. A complete list of config files is available in the distribution package.

Here are some key features of "Spumoni":
100% Java means it can run on almost any platform.
Licensed under the GPL. Special licensing also available.
Low run-time utilization (only slightly more than your stats collection programs).
Tested on Linux and Windows 2000.
Uses a built-in SNMP daemon, so Net-SNMP is no longer needed.
Includes an example MRTG front-end and a collection of monitoring config files to get you started.

What's New in This Release:
Native SNMP TRAP and GET (agent) capability, thanks to JoeSNMP and Bob Snider's prototype code. This means that Net-SNMP, cfget and cfcat are no longer needed, so Spumoni runs just fine on Windows. Should make it more compatable on other platforms too.
Added init.d-style startup script
Added Windows batch file to run Spumoni
Lots of code style standardization (thanks Checkstyle!)
Tightened the XML DTDs
Added CHANGELOG (this file)
Added HTMLized source code to docs
Added JUnit and Checkstyle Ant tasks
Added JUnit and Checkstyle output to docs
Greatly improved JavaDoc
Improved build and versioning process
Improved documentation & web site links

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