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SQLiteDBMS is a database management server for SQLite

License: BSD License
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Developer: Kibae Shin
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SQLiteDBMS is a database management server for SQLite. SQLiteDBMS project allows an sqlite3 process to be accessed via a TCP/IP network.

It provides Extended SQL, basic authentication, and access control. It includes a simple Web server that takes HTTP requests and sends XML responses.

To compile the project, first create a directory in which to place the build products. It is recommended, but not required, that the build directory be separate from the source directory. Cd into the build directory and then from the build directory run the configure script found at the root of the source tree. Then run "make".

For example:

tar xzf sqlitedbms-x.y.z.tar.gz ;# Unpack the source tree into "sqlitedbms"
cd sqlitedbms-x.y.z ;# Move into directory
./configure --with-sqlite3=DIR ;# Run the configure script
make ;# Run the makefile.

What's New in This Release:
Some bugs were fixed.
Stability was improved.

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