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Stickytime is a digital clock that also displays the current state of the stickykeys and mousekeys as set by an accessibility program

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 36K
Developer: Brian Moats
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Stickytime is a digital clock that also displays the current state of the stickykeys and mousekeys as set by an accessibility program.

Version 0.5 can execute programs and direct their output to a tooltip (admittedly, an abuse of the tooltip concept). These programs can be executed by mouse clicks, automatically every nn minutes, or at specific times. The tooltip can be logged to a file. Stickytime is also a simple stopwatch.

It can be run as a normal window, an undecorated window or a dock app.

Latched stickykeys (modifiers) are displayed in lower case, locked in upper. Modifiers beyond Alt (like Super_L) use the digits 2, 3, and 4. Mousekey buttons use L, M and R if no clock is displayed and a small dot on the left side top, middle or bottom if time is being displayed.


cSa Control and Alt latched, Shift locked.
CA4 Control, Alt and the "Windows" key locked.

The clock (if not in a dock) can rise to the top when modifiers are latched/locked and lower or erase (unmap) when none are. Use the popup and unmap options.


Extract the archive "tar xzvf stickytime-0.5.3.tar.gz", cd into the stickytime directory and type "make". You may the copy the stickytime executable to any location in your path or "su root" and type "make install".

If you want double sized LED's, uncomment "#define DOUBLE_SIZED_LED" in stickytime.c before you "make". This is really only useful if you do not run it in a dock.


-l --led color Color of clock LEDs.
-b --bg color Color of background.
-k --stickykeys color Show stickykeys state and use the "color".
-m --mousekeys=yes/no Show mousekey pointer button.
-N --show-mod2=yes/no Allow Mod2 to display. (Some keyboards send locked Mod2 with numlock pressed.) Default false.
-S --show-mod3=yes/no Allow Mod3 to display. Default false.
-p --popup=yes/no Popup clock when modifier latched/locked.
-u --unmap=yes/no Unmap (erase) clock instead of lowering it.
-H --height num Dockapp or window height.
-W --width num Window width.
-X --X num Window X position.
-Y --Y num Window Y position.
-C --clock [012] 1 = 12 hour clock, 2 = 24 hour clock, 0 = no clock.
-0 --com0 command Mouse-over command.
-1 --com1 command Button 1 command.
-2 --com2 command Button 2 command.
-3 --com3 command Button 3 command.
-4 --com4 command First command of 4 through 9. Executed automatically or with the scroll wheel.
-5 --com5 command Command 5.
-6 --com6 command Command 6.
-7 --com7 command Command 7.
-8 --com8 command Command 8.
-9 --com9 command Command 9.
-t --tooltip-timeout num Time (in seconds) for automatic tooltips to close (unless overridden in the command itself).
-B --tooltip-bg color Set the tooltip background color.
-F --tooltip-fg color Set the tooltip foreground color.
-L --logfile filename. Use filename instead of .stickytime.log
-w --withdrawn=yes/no Withdrawn into dock.
-s --shaped=yes/no Shaped window.
-n --no-win-decor=yes/no Do not use window manager decorations for non-dock windows.
-d --display display Select target display. ie :0, :1. Will use $DISPLAY.
-v --version Display version info.
-h -? --help Display the help page.

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