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Ticker.app is a ticker dockapp based on wmticker written by Jiro SEKIBA

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 92K
Developer: Seiichi SATO
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Ticker.app is a ticker dockapp based on wmticker written by Jiro SEKIBA. Ticker.app reads a file that is specified by the command line, and displays each line in a viewing area periodically. When the file has been modified, it was reread automatically.

If you run in a tail-mode, Ticker.app ticks only the last line. Another area to display is a popup window that may be opened by clicking the up arrow button. You can skip to next line by clicking the right allow button, and controll the viewing area by dragging the horizontal scrollbar or the mouse wheel.


ticker.app [OPTIONS]

-f, --file < file > file to display
-t, --tail run the application in tail mode
-d, --display < string > display to use
-fg, --foreground < color > foreground color (white is default)
-bg, --background < color > background color (rgb:52/52/52 is defalt)
-p, --popup run the application with popup window
-pp, --popup-pos [+|-]x[+|-]y position of popup window
-fn, --font < fontname > font to use
-fp, --font-popup < fontname > font to use in popup window
-sf, --speed-fast fast scrolling
-ss, --speed-slow slow scrolling
-bw, --broken-wm activate broken window manager fix
-h, --help show this help text and exit
-v, --version show program version and exit
-w, --windowed runs the application in windowed mode

- You can specify font by '-fn, --font' and/or '-fp, --font-popup' options as

$ ticker.app -f somefile -fn "-*-helvetica-bold-r-normal-*-14-*,

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