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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: C.S.Larsen
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Surblhost project is a small program to see if hostnames are listed in the Spam URI Realtime Blocklists (SURBL).

Hosts that are blacklisted means that global spam email have been reported to contain links to these hosts.

Many popular spam email filters use these lists to identify spam email, but this program makes it possible to use the lists for any conceivable purpose, such as filtering out bad hosts from URL redirection, and so on.


Verbose output

$ surblhost -v
checking against is blacklisted by [jp][ab][ob][sc][ws] is blacklisted by [jp][ob][sc][ws]

see for more information on the blacklists

More verbose output

$ surblhost -vv --test is blacklisted by spamcop txt record: permanent test point

Whitelisting and stripping of subdomains

$ surblhost -vv -s
checking against is in whitelist

Recognition of two-level TLDs

$ surblhost -vv -s
checking against is not blacklisted

Blocked site discovered using recursive checking

$ surblhost -v
checking against
warning: hostname contains subdomains: (try option -r) is not blacklisted

$ surblhost -v -r
checking against recursively is not blacklisted is blacklisted by [jp][ob][sc][ws]

see for more information on the blacklists

What's New in This Release:
Better check for res_init for Darwin and FreeBSD systems.
Changed make target `test' to `check'.

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