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SynCE-KDE is a Windows CE / PC connection service application like ActiveSync

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Volker Christian
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SynCE-KDE is a Windows CE / PC connection service application like ActiveSync. It consists of three sub-projects: a full-featured KIOSlave for browsing the Windows CE device (RAPIP), a panel applet for accessing and synchronizing the device (RAKI), and a daemon which listens for device connections (VDCCM). This package contains the development files to develop synchronization plugins.

Here are some key features of "SynCE KDE":

copies files and directories via drag and drop to and from the PDA.
is capable of handling mime-types.
supports more than one connected device simultaneously.


also supports more than one connected PDA at once.
knows how to handle PDA partnerships.
uses a plugin-architecture for synchronization. Two synchronizer-plugins are already implemented:
Synchronizer for PDA-Contacts and standard KDE address book synchronization.
AvantGo synchronizer.
creates a NAT-Route for your PDAs to the outer internet.
supports configuration of passwords, NAT routes, and synchronization settings per device.
installs cab-files on the device - you just have to drag them over the system-tray or right-click on a cab file in Konqueror.
lets you manage the software installed on the PDA.
displays system information and power status about the PDA.
starts programs on the PDA.
answers password-requests of PDAs automatically.
notifies about connections, password requests and disconnections of PDAs with sound.


is responsible that RAPIP and RAKI can communicate with more than one PDA simultaneously.
creates an individual "active_connection" file for every connected PDA.
the names of individual "active_connection" files are either the PDA identifiers or the ip-addresses assigned to the PDAs.

KDE 3.1 or later,
Qt 3.1 or later, and of course
the SynCE libraries version 0.9

What's New in This Release:
This release requires at least version 0.9.1 of the synce libraries and also libdynamit (v 0.1), liborange (v 0.2), and libunshield (v 0.4).
It compiles under KDE-3.5.
In addition, a syncekonnector-plugin for SynCE-KDE based on the kitchensync framework is aviable on It is able to synchronize Contacts, Appointments, and Todos with the KAddressbook and KOrganizer.

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