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SysCP (System Control Panel) is an ISP server management tool for Web-based administration of a Web server (Apache), mail server (Pos

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 325K
Developer: Florian Lippert
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SysCP (System Control Panel) is an ISP server management tool for Web-based administration of a Web server (Apache), mail server (Postfix, Courier), FTP server (ProFTPd), database (MySQL), and nameserver (Bind).

The project was founded in autumn 2003 by Florian Lippert and was published on June, 15th 2004 under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). SysCP is developed for use with Debian, but with some modifications it should run on every server system.

Here are some key features of "SysCP":
Customer Interface

managing email accounts with catchall-function
managing email forwarders
managing subdomains
managing mysql databases
managing additional ftp account
managing of passwords
managing password protections for directories
managing path options for example directorylisting and own error-documents
access to webmail(if installed)
access to PHPmyAdmin(if installed)
language preference (german, english, french, catalan, chinese, spanish, portuguese)

Admin Interface:

managing of resellers: you can define -like how you do with customers- all ressources that are available for an additional Admin. Also you can define if resellers can see all or none of domains/customers
managing of customers: you can define exactly what kind of resources your customers get (e.g. amount of pop accounts, amount of mysql databases etc.)
manage domains: you can individualy edit zone files and directory index per domain as well as further manipulations of Apache directives via own vhost-Settings

At the moment SysCP supports the following daemons by default:

webserver: Apache 1.3 with PHP4
mail transfer agent: Postfix
pop/imap server: Courier
ftp server: ProFTPd
database server: MySQL
nameserver: Bind9
traffic accounting and statistics: Webalizer

Postfix, Courier and ProFTPd will be configured to get their user information directly from the SysCP database. You don't need to add and maintain local users to get this daemons to work. Apache and Bind will be configured through two configuration files (/etc/apache/vhosts.conf and /etc/bind/syscp_bind.conf).

What's New in This Release:

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