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odirect 0.70 Backup
When reading a lot of data from disk or network filesystem, e.g
GPL (GNU General Public License)
scdbackup 0.8.6 Backup
scdbackup is a simplified CD/DVD backup program for Linux
BSD License
bkup2cd 1.2.1 Backup
bkup2cd is a shell script that makes a backup to a ISO9660 image of all the files that have changed in the user's home directory over
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Simple Backup 1.0 Backup
Simple Backup is a shell script to create basic backups using tar, grep, sed, and bash. Simple Backup works by using a file that c
BackPack 2.0.20060813 Backup
BackPack is a little script that performs a selective backup of selected directories and Debian package configurations
GPL (GNU General Public License)
KBackup 0.5.1 Backup

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL 1.1.2 Backup
Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL simplifies life of a database administrator who needs an easy to use yet flexible and robust backup
GPL (GNU General Public License)
c42 Backup Suite 0.2.0 Backup
c42 Backup Suite is a simple python program for maintaining a central backup in a small, but distributed environment with a central f
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
K7Z 0.5 Backup
Use K7Z if you want to create/extract a password-protected archive or update an existing archive. Ark (2.6.3) is very handy but i
GPL (GNU General Public License)
FauBackup 0.5.9 Backup
FauBackup uses a filesystem on a hard drive for incremental and full backups
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Grab&Burn 5.0.2 Backup
Grab&Burn is a powerful tool for grabbing, burning and mastering of CD and DVD discs
GPL (GNU General Public License)
mysqldump.php 1.0 Backup

GPL (GNU General Public License)
bdmn Backup
bdmn is client/server-oriented backup system
Free To Use But Restricted